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Holding Newborn Baby


Conscious Mothering and Healthy Parenting

Through "The Intention Method"

75-90 minutes session 


You are wanting to be a mother/father

You are waiting for a child

You are a young mother/father


Bringing a child into this world is an incredible gift and you are about to start a wonderful yet demanding chapter in your life.

Embracing the full divine love a child carries into this world is not always what we may have dreamed for and is often tainted by our own unconscious birth and childhood stories that have shaped us into the adults we are.


Through “The Intention Method” we will explore unconscious drives that could be in the way of welcoming your child as the unburdened soul they are and break the patterns that have been carried by our ancestors, parents and ourselves.


By understanding and bringing into awareness the different parts of ourselves that are the result of coping mechanisms, we open the door for ease of child delivery as well as healthy parenting.

We understand what can trigger us, we can access and understand our birth trauma, what is our motivation for being a parent, how do we work with our partners to be fully present for a world of loving care and parenting.


The Intention Method is simple yet powerful. At your own pace you bring light to the subconscious parts that are ready to be awakened and reconciled.

One one one “Intention Method” session can be in person or online

Both parents are welcome.

Call for a free 15 min information session.

Pricing is according to your means. 


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