Invoking Family Constellation, Systemic Ritual and Earth-Based Ceremonies

90 Minutes session $99

Do you have issues in your life that may need resolving or feel stuck in challenging patterns?


Family Constellation and Systemic Ritual work allows us to see more deeply into our ancestral inheritances as well as our current family/couples dynamics. It shows us the unconscious traumas that need to be seen and how, because of loyalty, we may - even generations later - carry the heavy fate or burden of our ancestors and how it impacts our lives.


By bringing the hidden dynamics to the surface and releasing them with compassion, the flow of love is restored to your family system. You feel empowered to live your life more fully. This new flow of acceptance and love will not only be felt by you but also by your whole family system.  

Also depending on the session, some earth honoring ceremonies/rituals may be performed. Ceremonies are the gateways to the ancestor's world and create a sacred space where through metaphoric representations we support the healing process on many dimensions: Spirit, Soul, Heart.

Guidance will be given to create your own ceremonies at home.