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Reawaken the Beauty Within

A journey to release personal, ancestral and collective trauma through IOPT self encounter

75-90 Minutes session ($75-$150 donations)


You have been searching for a while how to bring more ease, joy, abundance, love in your life.

You want to dive deeper into knowing yourself and to understand what holds you to embody your full expression.

You have health issues that have not been addressed by conventional medicine.

You are struggling with finding the right partnership, a meaningful job, to express your creativity, to be financially abundant, to be free from family unhealthy dynamics, to be.....

You are looking to live your life with purpose.

You are have tried different modalities some that worked some that didn't but feel that something wants to emerge and do not know how to get there on your own.


I would be honored to guide you to unknown territories, shine light on the hidden parts of yourself held in your body/mind/soul and find a path to go back home to the beauty within.

IOPT self encounter’s foundational theory is based on trauma biography but does not have a cognitive approach. Through Resonance, you will go into a felt sense, bring forth emotions, physical sensations, images, memories while I will be there for you holding space.

At your own pace, you will access and bring awareness to subconscious parts that are ready to be awaken and reconcile. Freeing yourself from the burden of childhood, ancestral and collective trauma.

It is a journey to dive deeper in knowing, becoming and being yourself and shine the beauty within that is already there.

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