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News and Distant Healing

Dear Clients,

We are really sorry but after much consideration we had to made the decision not to offer massages for the time being. But we are delighted to offer powerful yet gentle DISTANT HEALING sessions which helps at a physical, emotional, and energetic level.

How does it work:

You can schedule a session by sending me an email at

The day of the session I will call (whatsapp) to have an intake/interview with you than I will hang up while you will receive the distant healing, I will call back to checkin and share.

How much does it cost:

During this time of crisis, the suggested donation is between $55 and $75,

The easiest is to use Paypal using our email

or credit cards.

Here are some testimonials.

Sofia Rupp Hernandez (Spain): a wonderful initiative for which I can give a very positive feedback, and recommend it to everybody! Irina's soothing, healing energies reached me on the other side of the ocean, I got exactly what I needed at that moment! Thank you Irina for this blessing work!💚

Francoise K. (Austria): That was truly impressive ! I had a moment of relaxation which turned into a moment of healing. And all this without any tactile intervention. Let me explain. I am not one of the people who are naturally sensitive to metaphysics. Without forcibly asserting that this does not exist, I cannot reasonably explain its reality. It was with this mindset that I started my distance healing session with Irina. The result was not long in coming. In one appointment, the hotspot of my back pain disappeared. I also saw in the days that followed, a whole new energy that allowed me to get out of a spiral in my mode of operation. Well ... after my session, I felt more relaxed, more receptive to others, more able to share my frustrations and disagreements. All the essentials for a constructive discussion. Thank you Irina.

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