We are fully dedicated to supporting the needs of those we work with.  Our massages combine active and passive listening coupled with a felt sense gained from experience to find what the body/mind needs and wants. 

Plus, steamed towels, hot stones and aromatic oils are sprinkled throughout all of our treatments.



Irina Sels Campbell
LMT #6907
Tim Campbell
LMT #6487

Irina brings a nurturing, caring and healing energy to her massage. Her sessions are led by kinesthetic intuition and skills which help identify and  release energetic, emotional and physical traumas that create dis-ease. Her goal as a facilitator is to empower her clients to find wholeness and balance of Body, Mind, Heart.

Tim’s experiences both as a therapist and in his personal life,

have given him a deep respect for our body’s innate ability to

heal and restore health.  He believes restoring our ability to

feel and trust our heart’s perceptions to be the key to unlocking

this level of self-healing.  His massage sessions whether therapeutic or relaxing are always given of the heart.

Irina and Tim Campbell, a husband and wife team of certified massage therapists are trained in Swedish Massage, Deep tissue, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Thai massage, Zen Shiatsu, Cranio Sacral, Core Synchronism, Reiki and many other healing techniques.



We select from a wide range of modalities tailored to specific needs, ranging from relaxing to deep work performed with intention and intuition to restore balance and improve energy flow. 

Therapeutic Massage


60 min:  $75

90 min: $110

A magical dance during which feminine

and masculine energies will thrill the mind with sensations.  A truly unique opportunity for a nurturing and grounding experience. 

4 Hands Massage

60 min: $140

The comfort of our home-studio is the perfect setting to share the gift of massage with someone special.   As a couple our own heart connection brings a new dimension
to this treatment.

Couples  Massage

60 min:  $150

90 min: $200

"Stillness is the foundation of understanding and listening." TNH

A fully clothed session during which with gentle holds we will listen to the “Breath of Life” your inherent body wisdom and help restore body imbalances.

Cranio Sacral Session

50 min: $75

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We accept credit cards, cash and local checks. In case of cancellation please call us 24 hours before your session to avoid paying 50% of treatment cost.

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